Accomodation in a trullo (and much more…)

Sleeping in a typical ancient house -the trullo- is an experience that no tourist in Puglia should miss. These huts that have spread through the centuries all along the fields of Apulian countryside offer a full immersion in a rural atmosphere which is a chromatic feast for the eyes. Here all senses are alerted, to admire the landscape of green fields, secular olive trees and drywalls, to enjoy the sound of silence and the view of starred skies at night. If you choose to spend the night in a town trullo, the experience will be no less pleasant. In both cases, you will be fascinated by the large walls and the circular forms of a trullo bedroom which will welcome you as to protect your sleep, while its conical roof, built stone after stone with craftsmanship, seems to invite your dreams to ascend to the sky. Sleeping in a trullo is recommended to those who love to daydream – Get in touch with us, click here!

Trullo in campagna

Trullo in the countryside

Charme of whitewashed stones

Imagine starting your day with the joyful sound of the bell tower and the scent of warm coffee, descending the whitewashed stairs ready to explore the local market and the artisan shops. There you are, at the heart of Noci, a bubbling typical town of Valle D’Itria. This lovely little hotel that we have selected for you will offer all you will need. Recommended to those who love elegance and charm – Get in touch with us, click here!

Scents in the alleys

If you, on the other hand, prefer to live just like locals do, if you fancy go shopping and cook yourself, maybe some local, handmade dish, mingling with the locals in the ancient alleys and little squares (gnostre), with the welcoming scents of washing lines or freshly baked bread, why not choose the whitewashed stone of our selected flats with all comfort in the best town centres of Valle D’Itria? For those of you who want to experience the Apulian daily life and get in contact with locals and their customs – Get in touch with us, click here!

Blue like the sea

If your ideal accomodation envisages sleeping at a close distance from the sea and its everchanging colours, indulging in an abundant breakfast while admiring the sea from the terrace, this B&B  is just the right choice. Recommended to bike lovers (for its strategic position) and to those who fall for nature’s unforgettable views – Get in touch with us, click here!