Events and weddings in Puglia

Nowadays, Puglia can often be found in the news, especially since tourists have been venturing down south for good wine, good food and amazing scenery. After years of being a well kept secret and thanks to the arrival of budget airlines in Bari and Brindisi, Puglia has become a new, favourite destination. Good wine can be found elsewhere other than Tuscany!

Weddings, cultural exhibitions, themed parties – we, at Puglia&Co, organise these and more.
We can help you choose a great location for your event amongst Puglia’s famous olive trees, a typical masseria in the countryside or a wonderful place on the seaside. The landscapes Puglia offers will be the perfect backdrop to unforgettable events and weddings with your family and friends.

Our locations and experience in Puglia – this is how we’ll surprise you

Thanks to our event and experience in the tourism field, which spans over ten years, we will be able and happy to assist you with every detail of your party or wedding. We can help you create the perfect event which will be enjoyed by all your guests.

Our events always reflect Puglia in all their details; local food, local wine, local traditions all personalised to your taste.

With this blog there are some images that best represent our work, creativity and passion.


If you are thinking of organising a wedding or celebrate an event in Puglia either in the countryside, by the sea or, for example, in a Medieval town in the Valle D’Itria all you have to do is get in touch with us. We’ll be happy to chat through the various, exciting options that Puglia has to offer >