Info Tourist: tourist information for everyone

At Puglia & co there is something for everyone. We are first and foremost an info tourist: we give tourist information to everyone. We think that are the tourist information, told as stories that work the best as they are the result of lived experiences. We like to suggest places to visit and we like to read the customer enthusiasm in the eyes of those who listen to us. We almost get emotional in telling the beauties of this beautiful region.

Tourist information in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese

We can give you tourist information in various languages (English, French, Spanish and Portuguese). We will give you complimentary road maps, small brochures, maps and addresses on what to see and on what to eat.

Come and visit us, we will be happy to share our passion for Puglia with you, if you come to Puglia for the first time or if you come times and times again because, like us, you Puglia!!

We will be waiting for you at Puglia & co, contact us now!