Puglia cooking lesson

To give you an authentic Puglia experience, Puglia&Co organizes cooking demonstrations at Teresa’s home in Bari Vecchia, the picturesque old quarter of Bari! This is a fun event – be prepared to enjoy yourself and bring your appetite! The colors, aromas and sounds of Bari Vecchia, a city within a city, await you…

Teresa spies us from the balcony of her home near the entrance to Bari Vecchia. She opens the door and greets us like family. In her apron and cap, she welcomes us to her “workroom” where her “tools”, a table, chair, rolling board and knife are ready.

A Puglia cooking lesson

1. Making pasta with Teresa

Teresa is a real character! She prepares the pasta dough, chattering away in a mix of local dialect and Italian. We will slow her down to allow for the translation not just from Italian to other languages, sometimes we have to translate her Barese dialect to Italian for ourselves first! Lets make orecchiette “little ears” pasta! Teresa will show us how and then let you try your hand at making the famous orecchiette, the most typical Apulian pasta, known as “strascinati” in Bari.

Versione 2

2. More delicious local favorites

Moving right along, Teresa begins another local specialty, panzerotti (delicious deep-fried stuffed savoury pastry). The panzerotti dough needs time to rise – Teresa says it just needs tempo, amore e calore (time, love and warmth) – that is her panzerotti motto.

That put aside for now, she shows us how to make Tiella Barese, a traditional dish of baked rice, potatoes and mussels … the secret is not so much the ingredients as the right proportions.



After the lesson, time for a stroll through Bari Vecchia

We are a bit hungry after the lesson but it is not time for lunch yet and we are off to visit Bari’s fascinating old quarter, Bari Vecchia! While we wander through the maze of narrow streets marveling at the churches, colors, sounds and aromas of this “hidden city”, Teresa is working her magic in the kitchen ..

An Apulian lunch….

Just back from our adventure, a wonderful aroma awaits us at Teresa’s home … the menu is pure Puglia: fried panzerotti, tiella barese, orecchiette with broccoli rabe sauce, all accompanied by an excellent local wine. Your tastebuds and senses will swirl with the goodness of it all!

Arrivederci Teresa

Teresa’s cooking lessons are always a hit. Happy, surprised guests usually ask for more and she is glad to fill their plates again and again! When it is time to leave, Teresa is always a bit sad. She loves cooking and passing on her knowledge to others and she does it so well because she really cares!

If you would like to participate in this unique experience, Puglia&Co would be happy to accompany you to a Puglia cooking lesson at Teresa’s home > Contact usinfo@pugliaeco.com